Weekly Challenges

Starting April 11, 2022, I will be completing weekly challenges provided by a project generator on the website Sharpen. I give myself 3 days to complete a design/prototype as much as I can and then post the results here.

Week of 4/11/22

I created  the logo for the app in Illustrator. The D in GRIND was used to create the logomark of the coffee cup. I usually use Adobe XD for my wireframes and prototypes but I decided to get some practice using Figma. The prototype isn’t finished as some screens are missing but this is what I came up with in 3 days.

Week of 4/18/22

Coachella is an annual music and arts festival held in Indio, California in the Colorado Desert. I created a new landing page separate from their existing website for people to gain access to the newsletter that talks about featured artists. I used the same color scheme to keep the theme in line with their marketing.

Week of 4/18/22

One of the things that I can’t stand are the websites with terrible interfaces for staffing agencies. Even just adding your times to the time card can be an irritable task, especially when you have the same hours every day. This app design includes most of the information one would need to access all their information, including their digital time card and payroll information. This would most likely remain a tablet app by itself and would scale down to a completely different native app for mobile size.

Week of 4/25/22

Tech is one of my favorite types of content to design for because even though sometimes it uses a minimalistic style, it looks clean and fresh. That is why I enjoyed designing an about page for the Tesla Model 3. Not overly abundant with information, but just enough to explain the features of the car. A slider helps move on to the next feature instead of having stacks of information one right after the other.

Week of 5/2/22

At a previous job I was mainly responsible for coming up with templates for emails, so it was kind of nice to go back to something I used to do for a change. I chose Burton as the brand just because it was the first one to come to mind.