Sivextro Pharmacy
Locator Redesign

Choose the Best Way to
Receive Your Medication


Sivextro is an antibacterial treatment for adults with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections. The company was in need of a new design for their online pharmacy locator. Their current one was very generic and plain looking, and wasn’t the most user friendly either.

I was tasked with redesigning the website, to make this tool look more graphically appealing, on brand, and easier to use. It was also required to create a mobile version for people that needed to use the app on the go.


The original locator tool was heavily text based and not very enjoyable to look at. I chose an image that showed a patient receiving their prescription from a pharmacist to help show the purpose of the app was to get their prescription from a nearby pharmacy.

It also includes the tool itself so that a patient can immediately start using it. The tool includes the ability to search by type of pharmacy, such as pick-up or one that delivers to the patient’s home. It also allows you to choose the distance from your location.

At the top of the page a pharmacy can sign up to be included in the database of all pharmacies, if they currently aren’t, and then a link back to the Sivextro website.


Below are 3 versions of wireframes I developed for the general layout of the Sivextro webapp; paper wireframes, digital wireframes, and finally high-fidelity wireframes, comparing to the previous versions of the app.

High-Fidelity Wireframes

Landing Page

Search Results

As well as the home page, the search results page was also very stale and text based. I decided that a grid based search result section was the best way to help a user view all the necessary information they need to choose the right pharmacy for them. It included filters that allow the user to select how they want results sorted, by distance, name, or type of pharmacy.

Pharmacy Sign-Up Page

Mobile App

After figuring out the layout for the desktop website, I designed a mobile version that would include all the same options and search filters. One feature includes the ability to open up the directions to the pharmacy in the map app that pertains to the particular OS.